Providing custom geospatial data analytics and product development using state of the art remote sensing technology



Custom remote sensing solution development and consulting with a focus on satellite, airborne, and unmanned aerial systems data services and geospatial analytics.



We take our customer's data and IP privacy very seriously. Most of our projects are not publicly available at the moment, but check back soon for more information.


With over 10 years of experience developing custom remote sensing solutions for industry, government, and academia Rankine Geospatial has expertise in all remote sensing domains, from optical, to LiDAR, and radar image processing and product design for all applications.

Earth Observation Satellite Systems and Remote Sensing Sciences Are Complicated
But Your Data Driven Decisions Don't Have To Be

With so many remote sensing data sources and processing approaches available in the 21st century, it's hard to know what the right tool for the job is for you to gain the spatial intel you need.

From high resolution and multispectral imagery, to RADAR, LiDAR, or more cutting-edge custom remote sensing solutions we can handle it all. Let us do the hard work to find the right solution for your project using the best available orbital, airborne or near-surface sensing technologies.



Rankine Geospatial takes a practical approach to help you find the best solution to your remote sensing projects to extract the information you need from.

Our methods are deeply rooted in remote sensing science and engineering principles, with a focus on improving operational efficiency and informing risk management though enhancing spatial asset intelligence.

We start by understanding the business or research problem you are trying to solve, your project timeline and accuracy requirements. We really focus on cutting through all the technical jargon to ensure clear lines of communication are at the forefront of how we find the most cost-effective solution for your application or business challenge. Then we dive into the technical details of how to use satellite, aerial, or near-surface remote sensing systems to solve that problem and provide the best value for your budget.



1. Identify the specific questions you want to answer or challenges you want to solve using remote sensing technologies

What information do you need that you do not have?

What confidence do you need in that information to act decisively to solve your challenge?

This will allow us to identify very quickly whether or not RS data can help you solve this.

2. Determine the information value and target return on investment 

Remote sensing data is exceedingly efficient at obtaining useful information on assets of interest over very large scales, but often the confidence or accuracy of the information is often a function cost, either of the RS data or the analytics, or both.

As a general rule of thumb, higher information confidence either requires more expensive RS data (ie. higher resolution), or less expensive RS data requires more costly analytics. For reference, RS data costs can range from free/open-source, to a few cents per, all the way up to thousands of dollars per

Developing the right data workflow to answer your questions with the confidence you need in those data driven decisions has to take your budget and return on investment objectives into consideration in order to choose the right RS data and analysis methods.

3. Create a portfolio of solutions

There is always more than one way to skin a cat when it comes to remote sensing solutions
We provide several options to get you the spatial intel you need with various confidence levels driven by cost


4. Develop and deliver

If all you need is RS methodology options, then you can stop here and take that info wherever you like

But if you want to develop the solution, then we usually start with a low cost proof of concept for novel applications that are not already tried and true for feasibility assessment.

From there we can scale the solution to solve your business or research needs!






With over 15 years of background in academic, commercial and industrial scientific research on designing and deploying cutting edge remote sensing technology solutions for landscape mapping, modelling, natural or built resource detection and attribution for asset management, we help you find the most cost effective way to measure what matters to you and your business needs.


From satellite to ground sensing systems, from drones to depth sensors, we have experience in finding the right tools to get the information you need for managing your assets, finding new resources, or bringing new value to your customers through remote sensing data and spatial analytics.


If you want to learn more about our projects and approach to developing custom remote sensing and GIS solutions, reach out to us at the contact form below. We offer free 30 minute introductory consultations, no obligations, we always like to learn about new problems we can solve with remote sensing solutions.


Dr. Cassidy J. Rankine
- Owner and Lead Consultant - 
Remote Sensing Scientist, GIS Analyst, and Commercial Geospatial Application Specialist

Vernon, British Columbia
Calgary, Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta

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